Students elected to MSCSA positions

Tully celebrating after winning in his election. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Christography)

By Alex Wieber/

At the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) Spring General Assembly two MCTC students were voted into state leadership positions. MCTC Student Senate Vice President Will Tully was elected as Public Relations Coordinator and Director of Legislative Affairs Nate Krantz, Platform Student-At-Large.

“I didn’t really know what I was looking for when I moved to the state of Minnesota, but I know I found it when I [got] involved in student government,” Tully said. “The MSCSA has given me meaning and a sense of purpose in life and I plan to continue to reflect that with the help of fellow student leaders in how we advocate together on the behalf of Minnesota students.”

The conference was held in Breezy Point, Minn. April 11-13. Several MCTC students were in attendance to meet with other MSCSA members and to support Tully and Krantz’s campaigns.

MSCSA is a student led association that oversees all Minnesota two-year public colleges. They help achieve communication and education across all Minnesota two-year campuses and advocate for student rights. Every student pays 32 cents per credit hour to be a part of this organization.

MSCSA is governed by a General Assembly (GA) that meets twice a year. The GA is made up of representatives from 46 campuses. Between the GA meetings there is a Governing Council that meets once a month to ensure that business is progressing. This is made up of nine Minnesota Regional Representatives, the President’s Group Member and Student-At-Large.

“I believe that in an organization as large as this one there will be many diverging opinions and many different needs. No two schools are the same, I am keenly aware of this [because] I attend one of the most diverse schools in MnSCU,” Krantz said.

 Krantz was running opposed by one other candidate, Michaela Current of Northland East Grand Forks for the Platform Committee Student-At-Large. He won by receiving 61 percent of the vote.

“I am here for those without a voice,” Krantz said. “I am here to make college more accessible and a better experience for everyone.”

On a daily basis MSCSA is run by a four-member student Cabinet of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Tully’s position of Public Relations Coordinator. He ran against two candidates, Becca Larson of Hennepin Technical College and Seantae Read of Minnesota West Community and Technical College-Granite Falls and won with a majority vote of 69 percent.

“I am so humbled that student leaders of the MSCSA believed so strongly that I should be their representative,” Tully said. “It is truly a privilege to be working for them I will do my best to reflect that belief in the work I will be doing on their behalf.

Tully will serve a one-year term starting on July 1. He will coordinate dialogue between campuses and work to enhance regional collaboration.

“[I ran] because I want to create the change I hope to see, and through my experiences I will continue to work constructively with my fellow leaders to advance common goals in which students across the state stand to benefit,” he said

Tully pulled out of the Student Senate Presidential Election after being elected to the MSCSA position.

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