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The Goldmine: Johnny NFL Sunday Ticket?

December 14, 2014 0

Nothing beats watching exciting football in the winter. I have noticed multiple advertisements promoting NFL Sunday Ticket during my recent viewing sessions. This enticing television package enables the viewer to escape regional boundaries. I wasn’t previously intrigued by this opportunity. A life alerting announcement was recently released by popular television channel Fox sports.

Johnny Manziel will make his first career NFL start Sunday in Ohio on Fox. This groundbreaking event alerted the game’s television coverage. Announcers originally tasked with covering the Packers/Bills were given the opportunity to visit Ohio instead. The league’s regional coverage will prevent Midwesterners from experiencing the same luxury. Spending large sums of money on services you will only use once isn’t smart. There are exceptions to the rule. If you’re from Ohio, have an affiliation to Texas A&M or cheer for the Browns, I recommend purchasing NFL Sunday Ticket.

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The Goldmine: Can Seattle save the Sonics?

December 14, 2014 1

The Seattle Supersonics were once the pride and joy of their city. In 2008 Clay Bennett’s ownership group relocated the team to his native Oklahoma City. The Seattle Seahawks’ recent Super Bowl victory has overshadowed Seattle’s attempt to bring back the Sonics.

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Love is a drug

December 14, 2014 City College News 0

By Samuel Goldman According to 114 Americans die everyday from drug overdose. 6,748 are forced to enter the ER for the misuse or abuse […]

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His Piano

December 11, 2014 0

By Nykki Norlander His Piano is in the attic, large windows face the moon and his hands itch, his body creaks like the stairs as […]

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R.I.P. professional sports

December 10, 2014 0

Professional sports were once viewed as an affordable form of entertainment. Kids had the opportunity to witness local heroes perform in the same uniform every night. Every morning civilians scanned newspaper box scores. I recall witnessing balanced teams duke it out every night. These activities have become a scarcity in the modern world. I believe professional sports are going through a global warming crisis. The difference is it isn’t preventable.

America can’t rest on Michael Brown

December 10, 2014 1

It is okay for the police to murder the citizens it is sworn to protect and to serve, at least that is the message the public is left with after the “refusal to indict” in the Michael Brown case. The outcome of the case has sparked outrage and protests around the country. What does this verdict mean for us as Americans? It would appear that police can murder citizens with extreme use of force, and walk away largely unaffected.

A degree of homeless

December 9, 2014 0

Shannon Beelman, who has experienced homelessness, is not alone. According to limited statistics, many other students at MCTC have experienced homelessness, likely more than 10 percent. Students, faculty and staff are working to run what former Director of Resource and Referral, Mary Ann Prado called “an underground railroad of support.” They are also working to break through stereotypes and to assist institutions and people better help students experiencing homelessness succeed.