Anti-pipeline protesters march through South Minneapolis

A rally protesting the North Dakota Access Pipeline marched through South Minneapolis on Nov. 11.

The rally, organized by Native Lives Matters, blocked multiple intersections and at one point stopped at Franklin Ave and Chicago Ave to do a round dance where the crowd joined hands and circled around Native American dancers and event organizers.

According to the Native Lives Matters Facebook page, the rally was to show solidarity with those protesting against the construction of a pipeline near Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota.

Simon Henderson, a Liberal Arts major from MCTC who was part of the rally, said, “I want to show my solidarity with a passive voice…all of the things going on with police brutality and Black Lives Matters and Standing Rock and Trump, they are all like really related and so I think we’re all out here for all of those things too.”

The proposed path of the pipeline runs under the Missouri River and protesters say that the pipeline threatens the only water supply for the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Protesters at Standing Rock have faced opposition from private security and multiple law enforcement agencies, including officers from Hennepin County. Tear gas, mace, dogs and rubber bullets have all been reported as being used by law enforcement to move the protesters off of private land.

Standing Rock protesters contend that part of the land that the pipeline cuts through is still owned by Native Americans, according to a treaty signed at Fort Laramie, WY in 1851.

As of this writing, neither the Obama Administration nor the Army Corps of Engineers have made a decision about whether or not to reroute the pipeline. The companies building the pipeline have not agreed to reroute or stop construction of the pipeline.

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