Everything is going to be ok, probably

In Dec 2015 Jeb Bush, then a candidate in the Republican primary, said “…I can guarantee you that Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee.”

On Nov 8 2016 Trump became the President-Elect of the United States and social media had a meltdown.

This is a reality. Perhaps a hard reality for some but a reality nonetheless. There is no lawsuit, protest or Facebook post that can change this. No amount of name calling or threats to move to Canada can undo what the American voting public has done. The concern should be squarely placed on what exactly Trump is going to do, and that my friends, is something we just don’t know.

Trump, being the first President since Eisenhower to be elected President without first serving in some sort of political position (Eisenhower at least having had military experience) , has no precedent for us to analyze. This is problematic because we simply don’t know how he will govern. What we do know is what kind of person Trump is. He is a lying, thin-skinned bully that blacklists press figures who report on him “unfairly.” To borrow a quote from Jeb Bush again, he’s “unhinged.”

So instead of going through his policies, which he may or may not abandon as he’s already wavering on his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, we need to understand why a Trump Presidency isn’t going to be as bad as Tumblr thinks it’s going to be.

First, our presidency is not a dictatorship . This is important to remember when Trump starts saying crazy things again. Presidents can’t make rash policy decisions law because they’re upset over a Twitter feud at 3 AM. We have checks and balances specifically designed to keep our President from invading countries over an argument about whether their hands are small.

Second, our most powerful voice is Congress. These are our direct link to government and they’re the riders to pull back the Executive reins when they think Mr(s) President has gone too far. Trump faces a fight not only with Democrats but within his own party as well. There are strong and influential Republican members of Congress that have opposed Trump throughout Trump’s election campaign.

Sen. John McCain, Republican from Arizona, admonished Trump for insulting the family of a fallen Muslim soldier. McCain has also been caught between Trump’s crosshairs with Trump insulting McCain’s service to his country. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, has repeatedly voiced his opposition to Trump’s more malicious comments. Sen. Bill Sasse, a junior Senator from Nebraska, made waves during the Republican National Convention by trying to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee. Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, said he could no longer support Trump after a video emerged of Trump bragging about being able to sexually assault women.Trump faces an uphill battle for many of his more controversial statements and policies. We can and should put our faith in Congress.

Third, we have the Supreme Court, the most powerful court in the United States whose members are appointed for life. This means they are not beholden to special interests nor are they worried about being re-elected. And while Trump most certainly will be appointing at least one conservative member, it’s important to remember that Supreme Court Justices can surprise the public with their decisions. Just last year, Chief Justice John Roberts, a President Bush Jr nomination, sided with President Obama and liberal justices in a 6-3 vote regarding the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has been militant about protecting and strengthening the First Amendment in recent years, which isn’t likely to go away if more conservative judges are appointed to the court.

Which leads me to the most powerful check against Executive power . The fourth and strongest reason why Trump will not be as bad as liberals think it will be is the Fourth Estate. This is the press that Trump so vehemently opposes and has bashed at many of his campaign events. Mainstream print media is the only tool involved in politics that attempts to seek an unbiased truth the American people should know. If there’s a story, they’ll print it. If there’s a scandal, they’ll print it. If Trump steps out of line, they’ll print it. The only hurdle to the press being able to hold Trump accountable however is you.

Trust in the media has fallen to dangerously low numbers and the reason is based on a lie. The same alt-media groups that demonize the mainstream press rely on publications like the Washington Post or the New York Times for news because print journalism is where the clear majority of actual journalism comes from. Which is odd since alt-media both legitimizes the mainstream press by citing it as a source and attempts to delegitimize it by saying it is not a credible source. If Congress and the Supreme Court fail, it’s going to be the LA Times that alerts you. If Trump does something illegal, Alex Jones and YouTube aren’t going to be hitting you with truth bombs, The Chicago Tribune will. Without your trust, the Fourth Estate means nothing. So give mainstream media a break for a year or two and help them help you. Stop sharing click bait articles with an obvious bias and instead, at least read through articles from the mainstream press. They may surprise you.

These four roadblocks to the impending apocalypse are steadfast and reliable. Their infrastructure is well established and getting rid or neutering even one of them, much less all four, is highly unlikely. One can guarantee that a Trump presidency is not going to be bad. Of course, in Dec of 2015 Jeb Bush, then a candidate in the Republican primary, said “…I can guarantee you that Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee.”

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  1. Great article and Thank You for spelling out how our “Lesser of 2 Evils” president will be held in check. We are a strong nation and hopefully the powers that be (Government & Media) use their best judgement in keeping the American public’s wants and needs, not their own, at the fore front of this administration. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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