Cool Jobs: Boneshaker Books

Feb. 22, 2017 Minneapolis, MN. Boneshaker Books is located at 2002 23rd Ave. S in Minneapolis. Photo credit: J.D. Duggan

Situated in the Seward neighborhood in a cozy building with vines crawling up the outer walls, Boneshaker Books is not your typical book store. Completely volunteer run and led, along with a large program to provide books to women and transgender inmates, community is the main focus of Boneshaker.

“It’s like an alternative book store,” said Joe Amrhein, addiction counseling program graduate, student president and former volunteer at Boneshaker Books. “Part of it is just the interesting books, because you don’t get the same books that you would see at Barnes and Noble, necessarily”

According to Boneshaker’s website, “Boneshaker Books is a community supported, collectively organized, and volunteer run bookstore. Our mission is to provide a welcoming space that promotes social justice and movements through books, education, and activism. We offer progressive and radical literature and a place to spark conversation, inform, and inspire.”

They hold regular events, and offer a free meeting room. They just ask that people give a “shout out” if they use the meeting room. Upcoming events include the Twin Cities Queer Book Club, and the Cracked Walnut Reading Club, which meets once a month to discuss creative writing pieces published in online journals.

Amrhein enjoys the labor-oriented books and says that Boneshaker offers fascinating books where “you can let your own interests explore as opposed to being told what is good to have. It’s just to find a different perspective from the crap we’re fed with Facebook or the mass media.”

There’s a large selection of books that cater towards the LGBT community, as well as many books on socialism and a wide array of other topics.

Boneshaker Books is always looking for more volunteers and is located at 2002 23rd Ave. S in Minneapolis. Their phone number is 612-871-7110 and they’re open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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