Where MCTC Creates: Welding Club

03/03/2017 Minneapolis, MN- MCTC Welding club president, Joshua Ousley, heats metal with an Oxygen Acetylene torch, to aid in shaping it with a hammer. (Jessiena Lake/MCTC) Photo credit: Jessiena Lake

If you’ve ever been in the elevators of T-Building and wondered what goes on in the B Level, it’s something pretty amazing. Enter the doors of the Welding Studios and it’s loud, warm and immediately fascinating. Sparks are flying and beautiful metal work is being created.

According to the Welding program webpage, MCTC’s program not only prepares you to pass the American Welding Societies Certification exam, but many of the courses are eligible for funds granted by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

The program recently received funds to update equipment and add more computers for Auto CAD training, making graduates more competitive. In addition to funds, The Welding Club was recently created, as, according to the club charter, “a safe accessible environment for welding education… hope to “spark” interest in students and draw in new students to the program.”

Welding Club president, Joshua Ousley, says he hopes the club will “bring friends together, to bring ideas to life.”

The club meets on Wednesdays 4:30-7:30 in T. 0200

All students are welcome to join.

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