Cool Jobs: Can Can Wonderland

Tyler Park Skone smiling at the host stand during the variety show. Photo credit: Cody Raisch

In the heart of West Saint Paul in the Midway neighborhood under an old canning factory from the 1800s lies a world of mini golf, cotton candy and alcoholic malts known as Can Can Wonderland.

Created by local artists who have worked on projects such as The Walker Art Center’s mini golf course, and the Soap Factory’s “Haunted Basement”, the space was made with the consumer in mind, giving an immersive family friendly artistic experience.

“Its essentially an artist’s fun space. We promote community and art in general.”, Said Tyler Park Skone, a theater student at MCTC and current employee at Can Can Wonderland. As a theater major, Tyler finds his work to be the perfect environment, since they also host a Thursday night variety show.

“We’ve had people perform who are sword swallowers, jugglers and fire eaters, and burlesque dancers,” said Skone. “You’d just never think that a venue could host something like that and keep it going and keep it interesting, but we’re always looking for new acts.”

The mini golf and variety show are only two of the many features of Can Can Wonderland. They are also well known for their carnival themed foods at their Culinary Amusement Park, and their artist and mixologist designed bar menu. The venue has two bars known as “The Main Bar” and “The Wee Bar” both known for their very different bar styles.

“Our bars are created and fully manned by a company called Bitter Cube. They make and sell Bitters, but they also make menus for bars and restaurants around the country. Many pop-up bars will call them and ask them to make them a menu for a specific style, and they make them a cool bar menu,” said Skone.

You can get beer, wine and specialty cocktails at “The Main Bar”. The options at the “Wee Bar” are completely different, with a diner themed menu and options like homemade soda, banana splits, and if customers feel more adventurous they also serve adult malts of many varieties, beer and cider floats.

“We have out of this world cocktails,” said Tyler. “My personal favorite is called the Old Fashioned Mastodon, and it has tequila and rum, lime juice, and specific ice cubes called ‘Marco’s blue balls’ made by our bartender Marco. Its a spherical blue ice cube with flower infused flavors.”

Among all the golf, entertainment, food and drink, the creators are looking to branch out and create a speakeasy styled “secret” bar in the venue, and a room for what would be known as Human Foosball.

Can Can wonderland is open Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday-Saturday 10 a.m. to midnight, and sunday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. in the Midway neighborhood at 755 Prior Ave. N, Suite 004, Saint Paul, Minn.

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