New VP of Student Senate hastily ratified at General Assembly

With only three minutes left in the Student Senate General Assembly, the Executive Board announced that the old Vice President, Mauricio Martinez, was “no longer here”, and that they had nominated Dallas Rising to take his place.

She was only given about thirty seconds to campaign as vice president before a confused General Assembly voted to ratify her.

“I feel conflicted about my ratification because I realize I’m a white person replacing the only POC (person of color) in the cabinet,” said Rising in a later interview. “However, there’s work that needs to be done, and I know I can help.”

A member of Student Senate who wishes to remain anonymous had questions about this policy that allows the Executive Board to make this decision so undemocratically.

It’s unclear at this time which by-law or policy allowed the Student Senate Executive board to quietly ask anyone they want to step in as an active member of the Board – no open elections, no line of succession.

Rising is involved in many parts of MCTC life, from being the student representative on the Traditional and Alternative Educational Materials Committee, as well as the Inclusive Pedagogy Committee, to being the the executive officer of service in Phi Theta Kappa, to being a writing and logic tutor in the Learning Center.

“I’m encouraging POC to run as we should have a cabinet that is more representative of the student body,” said Rising a couple days after her ratification.

After the meeting was officially adjourned, Graduate Advisor to Student Senate, Justin Mattingly, stood up and echoed Rising’s sentiments to the General Assembly urging all students to consider running in the upcoming election.

“This executive board is not representative of MCTC”, he said about the all-white board.

Declarations of Candidacy are due by March 13.

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