News Briefs for 4/20/17


Student elections held

Charles Karter was elected as president, Robel Tedoros was elected to director of Student Affairs and Legislative policies and Ivonne Hernandez was elected director of Diversity. All ran unopposed.


President who promised not to golf and get involved in Syria does both because truth has no meaning

President Trump, who admonished former President Obama for playing golf after asking Congress to approve military action in Syria, played golf for the 18th time after 59 tomahawk missiles were launched by the U.S. towards a Syrian airbase after reports of a gas attack against civilians was led by Syria.

Supreme court basically the same as it was two years ago

Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate as the ninth Supreme Court justice this month. This was done after strong opposition by the Democratic party, who promised to filibuster his appointment. This led Republicans to put into effect the “nuclear option” which allowed the Supreme Court appointments to be approved by a simple majority as opposed to previously needing 60 votes in the Senate.

On his first day, Gorsuch broke the typical protocol of new Supreme Court appointees and asked multiple questions during his first case. These questions were highly reminiscent of former Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, suggesting the court will continue along the same path it was on before Scalia’s death.

Trump administration just wants to beat on the war drum all day

After the U.S. launched tomahawk missiles into Syria, the Trump administration focused their attention towards North Korea, a nation ran which also has nuclear weapons. Vice President Pence told CNN,

“We’re going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience. But we’re going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on North Korea. Our hope is that we can resolve this issue peaceably.”

No one is sure what that means. President Trump mentioned that North Korea should, “behave” and has been working on getting China to put North Korea in its place, threatening that if China cannot, the U.S. will. In response to statements made by officials in the U.S., North Korea launched a missile test, which failed. Twitter’s response to a potential nuclear war was that World War 3 memes will be lit.

ANTIFA and pro-Trump supporters play stupid games and win stupid prizes

These two groups clashed in Berkeley, CA on April 15. Multiple people were injured after the groups confronted each other over confusion about what a fascist is and what freedom of speech means. The most prominent injury was highlighted in a video that has gone viral which shows an ANTIFA member getting punched by a pro-Trump supporter and founder of “Identity Europa”, a white supremacist organization.

At one point a pro-Trump supporter grabbed a counter-protester, shook his hand and attempted to smoke a joint with him. This peaceful interlude didn’t last long as ANTIFA members found bagels in a garbage can and began throwing them at the pro-Trump supporters.

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