Students voice concerns during open forum with President Pierce

Minneapolis, MN - 9/7/2016 - Dr. Sharon Pierce, President of Minneapolis Community and Technical College, in her office. (Jessiena Lake/MCTC)

College President Dr. Sharon Pierce and the President’s Council led an open forum addressing concerns of college students. The discussion met in the Helland Center, Room H1002 on Wednesday afternoon.

Pierce and members from administration asked students about their experiences at MCTC. During the discussion, many mentioned diversity, student services, career services, inter-connectivity, and career success as positive attributes that MCTC offers to students. MCTC incorporates various activities celebrating different cultures in order for students to remain involved on campus.

A college student mentioned the services offered on campus, “Disability services managed to offer quality assistance and provide delicate care.” According to some students, “Our college focuses on the interconnectivity of the students.” College students appreciate the opportunities uniting the community.

Students appreciate the positive career services offered at MCTC, one student said “I like how we are able to explore different majors and decide on which major suits our abilities.”

Pierce inquired, “How can board members provide assistance to address any concerns affecting your experience on campus?”

Students expressed their concerns such as the transferring process, student suspension rate, remedial courses, and the student council’s involvement on campus.

Daniel Amyx, a nursing student said, ”The process and registration time was difficult. Transcript evaluation was lengthy and counselors have had issues transferring credits from certain classes.”

A student mentioned the current rate of suspension, “I would like to see Minneapolis Community and Technical College working to help lower the high suspension rate of students.”

Sharon Pierce addressed this, saying “Minneapolis Community and Technical College will work to teach students to understand their rights and responsibilities, but I am not certain the high rate of suspension data may or may not be accurate. Minneapolis Community and Technical College will investigate this matter further.”

One student mentioned remedial courses, saying ”Students feel discouraged, not being offered credit, and this impacts students ability to remain engaged in courses.”

Pierce said, ”Minneapolis and Community and Technical College wants to ensure that college students understand course material, and ensure requirements for courses remain diligently fulfilled. Concordia, a private Christian institution, plans to integrate essential business courses to help lower college debt of current students.”

Pierce announced,”Our administration wants to ensure your thoughts and ideas are integrated at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. As discussion came to adjourn, Pierce said,”Minneapolis Community College wants their programs to become successful, and ensure that graduates can sufficiently afford to cover student loan debts.”

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