Semester end, mission creep, Trump’s federal judges, Hodge’s sexual assault

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The semester is ending. That is all. Rejoice.

National and local:

House Republicans vote to repeal Obamacare

The House of Representatives voted 217-213 to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. According to some Senators, the bill is unlikely to pass through Senate committees. The lack of protection for pre-existing conditions is also an issue with many voters.

Mission creep is more American than apple pie

The U.S. is set to increase troops sizes in Afghanistan and loosening the Rules of Engagement for U.S. forces there. A resurgent Taliban and the inability of the Afghan military to defeat them are the push behind increasing U.S. involvement there.

Trump set to appoint federal judges

Over 120 federal judge vacancies are to be filled by appointments from President Trump. One of the judges is Minnesota’s own Supreme Court Justice David Stras who is Trump’s pick for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Sally Yates and James Clapper testify before Senate, Trump’s Twitter explodes in angst

Yates, the former acting Attorney General who was fired because she refused to enforce Trump’s executive order regarding the “Muslim” travel ban testified before a Senate committee about her warnings to the Trump administration and Micheal Flynn. Trump tweeted 4 times about the testimony, all of it not entirely true, calling out #fakenews for not reporting false news.

Mayor Hodges comes out as a sexual assault survivor

In a Facebook post, Hodges said she was a survivor of sexual abuse that started at the age of 8. She told Kare11 that she hid this from the public eye because of her political career.

“I always assumed when I was done with politics that I would tell my story and be of service then, but I couldn’t wait. It just got to be too big and too important,” said Hodges.

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