How to relax with Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations: relax the mind and body, connecting them through breath, creating support through strength. It is beneficial for a student with a full load to help with relaxation and for creating muscle memory posture support while studying.

Step 1: Upward Hand Pose
From standing, raise hands over head, shoulder distance apart, palms facing each other. Photo credit: Jessiena Lake

Step 2: Standing Forward Fold
Fold over at the hips, towards the floor, feet hip distance apart. Photo credit: Jessiena Lake
Step 3: Plank Pose
Move feet back, lower your body down, wrists under shoulders and hold pose at the top of a push-up, with hips inline with back, back straight. Photo credit: Jessiena Lake & Jessiena Lake
Step 4: Cobra Pose
Inhale with hands at ribs, peeling collar bone and head off the floor. Photo credit: Jessiena Lake
Step 5: Downward Facing Dog
Create and inverted-V with hips in the air, straighten back.

Inhale step forward. Exhale repeat #2, Inhale repeat #1, return to standing position #1. Photo credit: Jessiena Lake

Learn more about yoga for free: Tuesdays 3:35 – 4:25 p.m. in B. 1300 B Dance Room. Wear comfortable clothing, mats will be provided. Appropriate for any skill level. All are welcome, including non-students. Classes are taught by students in MCTC’s Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program, a 200 hour program that can be fulfilled in two semesters and is registered by the Yoga Alliance.

For more information contact Jennifer Mason: or 612-659-6165.

Model: Matteo Halbesleben. Student in Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program, Graphic Design Program and Herbal Studies

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