How-to: Take a professional headshot with your phone

Photo by Jessiena Lake

1. Lighting – Never shoot with direct sunlight on your face. Always look for open shade, soft indirect “north” window light or shadowless indoor lighting.

Photo by Jessiena Lake

2. Angle – Don’t shoot too low or too high; always shoot at eye level or a bit higher. Don’t be too close, as it will distort your face. Shoot from the elbows up. Find a friend or ledge to stabilize your phone once you find the best angle.

Photo by Jessiena Lake

3. Background – Be aware of what is behind you. Keep it simple: a wall or foliage. Move away from distracting objects. Make sure you are the most important subject in your shot.

Photo by Jessiena Lake

4. Color – Best to shoot outside or near a window so you don’t have to worry about odd colors from artificial lights. Use a background that is the opposite of your complexion, for example: dark complexions get lost in dark backgrounds.

Photo by Kathryn Chadbourn

5. Appearance- wear professional attire and make sure you look neat in appearance. Sit up straight, posture affects your attitude. Try several facial expressions, practice in the mirror: smiling or a more serious expression- what do you want to communicate to prospective employers?

“MCTC Photo Club is a Photo Club for Minneapolis Community and Technical College MCTC students. Alumni and Faculty are welcome to attend any of our meetings and events, if there is a fee covered by the club they may be asked to cover their own fee,” according to the Photo Club’s Facebook page. “The purpose of this club is to further our professional experience with photography and have fun!”

The Photo Club meets Wednesdays in T-3510 from 12:30-1:15.

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