What’s up with student senate this semester?

Photo by Jessiena Lake

Student Life budgets changed

Student Life club budgets have changed this year. Previous years allowed for an initial budget of $200 for new student groups and $500 for groups that had existed previously. Interim Student Director of Finance Daniel Amyx cited lowered enrollment this year, groups not utilizing their initial $500 and replacing a punishment system with a reward system as the reason for the change.

According to Amyx, groups are able to request more money and are able to receive money by attending events like the Connections Fair – groups can receive an extra $50 dollars for participating.

Get Out The Vote

A new political awareness program, led by Director of Legislative Affairs Robel Tedros, is aiming to help students become more politically literate.

A statement released by Tedros said, “Get out the vote is a civic engagement effort in helping students across the state of Minnesota that are attending community and technical colleges to register to vote or pledge to vote. It is organized through Lead-MN, the state’s two year college association. Lead-MN is an organization promoted towards helping students be more civically engaged and academically successful.”

Get-Out-The-Vote is an effort towards making sure that students voices are being heard in local and state politics with issues that concern them for example such as hunger and homelessness, tuition reform, public safety, public health and much more

Get-Out-The-Vote is strictly nonpartisan and is not affiliated with any political party whatsoever. Students can get involved by contacting Samantha Beck ,Coordinator at Lead-MN. You can contact her at sbeck@leadmn.org or 612-636-8011 about volunteering with Get-Out-The Vote, or if they are interested in a paid internship. Students that get involved in Get-Out-The-Vote would do things like clip-boarding, sending class raps and much more.

Student Senate meets every Thursday from 3-4 p.m. in H. 1002. Meetings are open to all that want to attend.

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