How to respond to an active shooter situation

It seems like there is an active shooter situation on the news every single week. It always happens somewhere else; at some other school.

What do we do if it happens at our school?

For more information please search for ‘Run Hide Fight Homeland Security’ video or go to:

Run - If there is an escape route, evacuate immediately. Forget your belongings. Do not move the wounded because you could make them worse. Prevent others from entering the area. Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka
Hide - If you cannot evacuate, find a place to hide that could also protect you from stray bullets. Barricade doors, close blinds, turn off lights and silence your cell phone and other electronics; this is not the time for social media. Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka
Fight - If running or hiding are not an option, fight. Be aggressive. Throw stuff, yell, use anything and everything as a weapon. Commit to and follow through with your attack; failure is not an option. Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka
Comply - When Law Enforcement arrives remain calm, drop everything, raise your hands, and follow instructions. You do not want to be perceived as a threat, the shooter may still be active. Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka

An imminent threat like an active shooter may be cause for lockdown of all or part of campus. Lockdowns minimize everyone’s exposure to danger and are implemented by public safety, local law enforcement, fire department or administration when there is credible information. Notifications are provided through the campus paging system and/or the STARALERT emergency notification system.

If there’s a lockdown on campus, barricade doors, turn off the lights, stay behind solid objects and remain silent. Remember to turn off media devices that might alert the assailant to your presence.

Place signs in exterior windows to inform emergency responders of your location.

An announcement will be made over the campus paging system when the threat has been eliminated.

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