Boyton Health Services welcomes everyone in its doors

Graphic Design student Madison Tate getting a flue shot from Shelly Ellard Turner LPN. Photo credit: Kathryn Chadbourn

Kate Pitt just wanted to get a flu shot to be around a friend who was recovering from chemotherapy and is immune-suppressed.

“Health Insurance is a big stress for everyone, but especially for international students” Pitt said.

She had to buy a special heath plan costing $1,400 a year and was waiting for it to kick in.

“With all this on my mind, the clinic requiring just a student ID, was a completely stress-free encounter,” Pitt said.

(Left) Jenny Swanson BSN, RN is the Clinic Director. (Right) Candice Price MSW, L.I.C.S.W. is the Clinical Social Worker in the Boynton Mental Health Clinic. Photo credit: Kathryn Chadbourn

Clinic Manager Jenny Swanson was asked about DACA or Dreamer students, she answered “every MCTC student is welcomed. We have students who are on their parents plan with high co-pays or deductibles and will have those fees are waved.”

Sarah Kelley-Pegg Is one of the CNP at Boynton Health. Photo credit: Kathryn Chadbourn

Boynton Health Service is a comprehensive health care clinic were they provide treatment for common illness and injuries, testing (laboratory and x-ray on site), routine medical exams and mental health services.

Some of the common routine medical exams are physical exams, woman’s annual pelvic exams or pap smears, woman’s birth control evaluation, STI testing, and flu and tetanus vaccines (Td and Tdap).

There are mental health therapist and a licenses psychologist for counseling and psychotherapy at Boynton Health. Also on staff is a advance practice registered nurse for medication management.

Boynton Health has added a dietitian to learn how to stay fit & healthy, and next semester a LADC Counselor for the Collegiate Recovery Program.

Boynton Health's X-ray Room. Photo credit: Kathryn Chadbourn

If a student has health care questions or needs health care help they can call their nurse line, which is a 24/7 healthcare triage and referral nurse phone line, by calling 612-659-6384. If a student needs to receive healthcare from another health facility, those expenses are not covered by Boynton Health Service. However, Boynton Health has a list of 40 different low-cost heath care services that they will help you navigate. Their list of these resources for low-cost medical, mental health and chemical dependency resources is on their website.

Dominic Willis came with his Mom, Victortia Anderson (dental student) to the Boynton Clinic. Photo credit: Kathryn Chadbourn

Swanson said the student health clinic started out down the hallway from Dunn Brothers in the T Building. When the Helland Center opened in January 2012 the Student Heath Service moved into their location of H.3400 at the end of the Skyway from T building to Helland Center. The new location has a main lobby and 12 offices. The clinic is open when classes are in session, and Monday through Thursday during certain hours.

“I tell everyone about the clinic when leading tours about campus, it is such an asset,” Pitt said. “They were respectful and really good at distracting me from the needle. The nurses saw me straight away in between my classes and the receptionist (work study) was polite and professional.”

Lauren Hutson is a Admission Interviewer for the Boynton Clinic. Photo credit: Kathryn Chadbourn

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