Home exhibition: The Story of Us

"The photo is a picture of my nephew his name is Armon, and he loves posing for the camera. Anytime he sees me grabbing my camera he wants to take a picture, and wants me to show it to him after the shot." Ramir Mooney, Maple Grove,MN

Cultures and Languages Community wanted to open the exhibition to students at MCTC, and others, to celebrate different interpretations of this common topic. Students and teachers spoke about their experiences leaving old homes and creating new homes and students voted for their six favorite photos.

Alex Black Eyed Susan-Recovered.jpg

Sarah's fabrics.jpg
"My picture is about "Veritable Wax" which is a a type of printed fabric used a lot by Congolese people to make colorful clothes to wear at special events (especially weddings).People do that in many other African countries, and here in the US you only see them at African events like fashion shows."
Sarah Moundanga-Lucka, Point Noirs, Republic of Congo
Isabelle's city.jpg
"Irregular and mixed pattern of housing is the signature design of Penang housing. Colorful rooftop is another special feature of Penang’s buildings."
Isabelle Carlson, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Gyuri's reflection.jpg
Gyuri Kim, Busan, South Korea

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