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Lazy Elevator Rudeness

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        Taking the elevator for only one floor is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with America. Whenever I see people do it (which is often), I can’t help but think, no wonder the terrorists want to kill us. We have become a nation of people who take the elevator for one floor. It’s a combination of laziness and rudeness of the kind that is, unfortunately, distinctly American.
        There are, of course, legitimate reasons to take the elevator, even for only one floor. A physical disability or injury that impairs one’s ability to use the stairs, for example, is exactly what elevators are there for. Also, one might opt for the elevator if moving an object that is too large, heavy, or unwieldy to carry up or down the stairs.
        If you take the elevator without a reason, you’re taking up space that would be better occupied by someone who has one. Someone who really needs the elevator may have to wait for the next one because you were too lazy to take the stairs. And that makes you rude. We all have places we need to be and a finite amount of time to get there. Most of us can get there via the stairs. A few of us can’t. Those of us who can need to start showing some respect and consideration.
        "Oh, but I’m in a hurry!" is the most common defense. Doesn’t fly. The stairs are faster every single time, and that’s not even taking into account the time spent waiting for the elevator. If you absolutely, positively have to be there on time, the stairs are the only way to go.
        If you’re able-bodied but just too out of shape to walk up a single flight of stairs, that alone reflects very poorly on you.
        I realize I may have offended some with this piece, but anyone lazy enough to take the elevator for one floor could hardly be a threat. Grow some damn courtesy for those who need the elevator, and get yourself some exercise. Start by taking the stairs. Then you can tell me what you think of me for writing this.

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Lazy Elevator Rudeness