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Three-Legged Frog promotes environmental awareness and advocacy

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By Aaron Rose

A group of MCTC students in 2004 were inspired to create a club to promote awareness and activism of environmental issues ranging from the United State’s growing petroleum dependency to pesticides and other dangerous chemicals in our lakes.

The Three-Legged Frog (TLF) club’s founders attended a lecture by environmental scientist and author William Souder. Motivated by his passions, TLF derived the name of their club from one of Souder’s books, in which Souder details the mystery of why some frogs have a defect that causes them to have an extra appendage. Biology instructor Cathy Geist took it upon herself to become the academic advisor of the group.

A decade, Three-Legged Frog is committed to cleaning up the environment both inside and outside MCTC. They frequently send letters to legislators all over the country advocating for more regulations on emissions and non-sustainable energy sources. The club has also organized campus events in the past such as No Impact Week and the annual Sustainability Fair. This year’s sustainability fair will be on the April 15 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the second floor of the T Building. The fair will feature a speaker, LaDonna Redmond, who works closely with local food co-ops to improve not only the nutritional quality of food available, but its environmental sustainability, and its accessibility to neighborhoods with consistently non-organic and unhealthy selections.

Shayla Rutledge, biology major and member of the club had this to say about our campus,

“There have been some great strides made my groups and individuals on this campus in recent years that have done so much to bring MCTC closer to being an environmentally friendly campus,” TLF member Shayla Rutledge said. “I personally would love to see a campuswide composting system imposed before my time is up here and an end to the sale of bottle water.”

The group meets in the science building on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. in rooms S.2420 or S.3420.

“One of the best ways to use resources responsibly is to research products before you buy them. Spreading awareness about non-sustainable products and boycotting them is one of the best ways to reduce our overall carbon footprint,” Geist said. “Combatting the environmental impact of our industrialized society will take the combined effort of communities, legislators, and businesses.”

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Three-Legged Frog promotes environmental awareness and advocacy