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MCTC faculty: do they even go here?

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Michael Seward is an MCTC instructor in the English Department. I sat down to talk with him about what it’s like being apart of the MCTC community, as well as to figure out just who our faculty are outside of campus. I entered Seward’s office in a secluded, quiet corner of H building and was immediately greeted by inquisitive eyes behind metal framed glasses and a cheerful grin.

How long have you been teaching at MCTC?

I started in 2001. 17 years, I think?

So you love your job?

I do, I do. I love it, it’s a great job. I’m totally fortunate to have this job.

Did you teach anywhere before this?

I did. I’ve been teaching for 30 years, I’ve been teaching forever! I’m old! I first started teaching high school, I taught high school at a suburb in Milwaukee. I taught English and German. Then I went to grad school and I got my master’s in German. I then taught German at the U of M. Then I switched and got my MFA in Creative Writing, and then taught Creative Writing at the U of M. Eventually, I got my first job at a technical college in Wisconsin and lasted one semester- after that, I was like “I gotta get back to the city!” And then I came here. They had an opening here and I was so excited! I love MCTC. It’s the students. I love the variety and diversity we have here! It’s being a student and being a human being.

So you have a master’s in German- how many languages can you speak?

Russian, German, French, Spanish- I have a friend who taught me how to count in Japanese, and I can say “Ogenkidesuka?” which means, “how are you doing?” I speak German well, I speak Russian pretty well, and then beginning French, Spanish, and some Slovakian. I can go to those countries and get around pretty well- food, hotels, little conversational things.

So you can roughly speak five languages?

Well, six if you include English. I have a lot of experience in global education. I’ve taught in a lot of different places. My dream is to teach in India! It would be my third Fulbright.

You have a lot of experience teaching. What would you say is your greatest piece of advice for how to be successful as an MCTC student?

Don’t procrastinate!

What’s one thing you want people to know about you? What says “Michael”?

Oh, just that I’m SUPER gay.

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MCTC faculty: do they even go here?