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Trump insults, then hijacks Colin Kaepernick’s protest of racism

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President Trump made some very insulting comments about NFL player Colin Kaepernick and any other NFL player not standing for the National Anthem. During a rally he had held stating: “Wouldn’t you love to tell these NFL players who disrespects our flag, ‘get these sons of bitches off the field?’ He is fired!” On Sept. 24, 2017 in response to these comments NFL Players decided that during the National Anthem they were going to kneel instead of stand up. However, a lot of these players and people in general missed the point of why Kaepernick took the knee in the first place. It also dismisses the issues that people face in this country.

Colin Kaepernick according to an article published by SB Nation Kaepernick started kneeling as a form of protest during the National Anthem on Aug. 28, 2016. As we all know, once he did that it sparked an outrage. Kaepernick stated his reason for kneeling was because he did not want to stand for a flag/country that has let Black people and other people of color in this country continue to be oppressed by way of police brutality, racism, discrimination etc. for unjust reasons. While the people who perpetuate this don’t get punished and the government has yet and to make changes to the issue.

After Colin Kaepernick opted out of his contract and he has yet to be picked up by another team, which makes it look like he was blackballed because of his activism and protest. The majority of his peers left him out to dry, and still is by not mentioning anything about police brutality or any other racial injustice as a reason for them protesting.

White America (not all white people) turns a blind eye to racial issues because they are scared that they will lose out on their positions of power, as well as money.

This is the reason why Colin’s protest was hijacked and turned into an anti-Trump protest because a lot of people in general don’t like President Trump. After the comments he made they felt that there would be no backlash from the majority of people, so this helped them gain enough courage to kneel.

What Trump said was very disrespectful and inaccurate. Making this about him is disrespectful to Kaepernick and many victims and activists who put their careers, jobs, and literally their own lives on the line for fighting, speaking up for and liberating oppressed people.

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Trump insults, then hijacks Colin Kaepernick’s protest of racism