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Advertising Department

Dear Business Partners:

In these difficult economic times, public institutions, businesses and individuals are looking for ways to manage expenses while promoting growth. That’s why we at City College News, the student newspaper of Minneapolis and Community Technical College, are happy to inform you that our ad rates from 2013-2014 will remain in effect for the upcoming school year.

In addition, we have debuted new, local rates as well as smaller, less-expensive sizes catered toward advertisers that can’t afford a more prominent advertisement. What’s more, these advertisements start at just $45 to reach our diverse community.

Would you consider advertising with City College News in 2014-2015? We are looking back on a strong year and looking forward to a year of increased growth. Some of our goals are:

  • Increase circulation from 1,500 to 2,000, including presence at local businesses and community gathering places
  • Launch a marketing campaign to increase awareness and readership
  • Print one high-interest in-depth feature per issue
  • Increase our online presence, beginning with the launch of this new website and always-updating social media outreach
  • Include Spanish and Somali language sections in print and online

Advertising in City College News will allow you to reach a highly diverse body of approximately 14,000 students in the heart of Minneapolis.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Alison Bergblom Johnson at:

We at City College News thank you for your business!