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Everything is going to be ok, probably

November 17, 2016

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In Dec 2015 Jeb Bush, then a candidate in the Republican primary, said “…I can guarantee you that Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee." On Nov 8 2016 Trump became the President-Elect of the United States and social...

Anti-Trump protesters close I-94

November 15, 2016

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Thousands of anti-Trump protestors blocked Interstate 94 in Minneapolis, MN for about an hour on Nov 11. The protest, organized by Socialist Alternative MN and a collection of other groups, began their protest outside of the ...

Student senate recruiting struggles

October 25, 2016

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Jacquelyn Roosevelt, the current interim President of MCTC's Student Senate, announced her resignation on Tuesday, Sept. 7 in order to focus on her family, school and an internship at Minnesota State College Student Association (M...

Presidential election is a dumpster fire

October 25, 2016

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The most accurate term I have heard to describe this election season is “dumpster fire”. No one really wants to deal with this disaster so we, the voting public, have been left with the warm glow and putrid smell th...

New Student President Proposes Vast Platform

October 25, 2016

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In an 110-31 vote, Joseph Amrhein beat Oliver Barbaeau in the MCTC student Presidential election on Sept. 14. Amrhein will be replacing Interim President Jacquelyn Roosevelt. This is the first time in a year that the MCTC studen...

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