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Six Degrees of Separation Enraptures Audience

March 15, 2016 // 0 Comments

Metro State’s Theater Underground and Minneapolis Community & State College (MCTC) performed a moving rendition of John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation. It was the first co-production between the two schools. Many cast members had performed in previous plays at MCTC, including Waiting for Lefty, The Madwoman of Chaillott, The Thirty-Nine Steps, and last fall’s The Whale. After weeks of rehearsals, the bare, black stage was colorfully transformed into the scene for the one-act play, and the actors were molded into a cohesive collective. A model for the stage was displayed on the first floor in the lobby of Fine Arts building by Scenic Designer Kirby Moore, who is also credited as a scenic artist for Purple Rain and Invaders from Mars. Other professionals included […]

Straight-A Rhymeslayer – Alexei Moon Casselle

November 19, 2015 // 0 Comments

“Don’t blink, you might miss the pivotal plot.” – Kill The Vultures “Shake Your Bones” From being a full-time student, to an English tutor in the MCTC’s Learning Center, to front man for local hip-hop duo Kill The Vultures – not to mention being a part of four other local groups, to father of a 6-year-old daughter, Alexei Moon Casselle is taking his own advice and not blinking. Casselle has intentionally worked to find respect and recognition in his local scene as an artist. He wants to share his work with as many people as are willing to be open to it and interact with it. This intention flows over into his work as a tutor providing respect to the students who seek out his […]

Metro State students peform at MCTC

October 27, 2015 // 0 Comments

Willie Day Contributor The Whale, a play written by Samuel D. Hunter was per- formed Oct.14-17 at the MCTC Theater in the Whitney Fine Arts Building. It was presented by the Theater Underground, a student organization at Metropolitan State University, and directed by Steven Modena. “It’s basically like my senior capstone”, said Modena. “I decided instead of acting, which is what I had been focusing on before then, to do some directing”. The Whale was written by award winning Samuel D. Hunter. Born in Moscow, Idaho, Hunter won a Drama Desk Award in 2015 for The Whale. It revolves around the last days of a morbidly obese man, who is bound to his apartment. “You want to challenge yourself for your senior project”, said Modena […]

Judging a book by its content and its cover

October 6, 2015 // 1 Comment

Sometimes the cover of a book is more provocative than the contents of the book.  In the case of MCTC Professor Shannon Gibney’s first book, “See No Color,” due out November 1st, both the cover and the content are provocative. Shannon Gibney pulled from her own experiences as a transracial adoptee to write a book from a perspective rarely, if ever, seen in the Young Adult genre.  Most books are written from the adoptive parent viewpoint, so this book is a chance for the adoptee perspective to shine. “So often,” Gibney says, “well-meaning white liberals have the idea that they don’t really see black.  That they don’t see any difference.  That you are the same and we love you the same.”  But adoptees know that […]

Alum performs in Guthrie Theater production

October 6, 2015 // 1 Comment

  J.P. Noland originally came to Minneapolis from New York to go to school and was undecided, considering things like Law Enforcement, but in taking his electives; like acting for the camera with Michael Kissin, and theatre with Maxine Klein, he decided that he had found his calling there and was inspired to change his major to theatre. He’d found something he really loved instead of just something that he had somewhat picked at random, “what I found was when it came to the stage that you’re “supposed” to be a bigger form of yourself on the stage, that you’re supposed to really over act; to “force act” and be a bigger form of yourself on stage. Whereas at MCTC they taught the importance of […]

Kelsey Koch: The Heart of a Clown

March 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

She puts on her makeup and clown outfit, then she leaves the house and upon arriving to work she is bombarded by children. Her friends know her as Kelsey Koch, but at work, she is known as Bubbles the Clown.

An Ode to Target

February 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

By Sahnje McGonigle  From the cold a bullseye rose Casting a large red shadow it shone! It’s shelves stocked to the brim Knick-knacks as far as the eye could see! With it’s downtrodden employees it’s destiny forged Oddly enough an image of a good clean family store Driven on by the vibe the knick-knacks sell Knick-knacks for every loving and smiling customer! So shower yourself in red and pull up your khakis Follow that dog till the end! And drown yourself in ten-dollar paperweights?  

Our special Spot

February 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

By Jennifer Donnay I set off to a special spot, walking alone with my daughter in hand, Taking in all the beautiful sights, smells, that entice our minds, I arrive at our sanctuary, we take off our shoes, feeling the soft white sand beneath our feet, The worries, the burdens, seem to magically seem bleek. Were Alone together just Mother Nature and her undying beauty, So calm, so peaceful, she has done her duty, My eyes are amazed at the beautiful sight, Of wild eagles as they soar above the crystalline blue sky. The silence is broken by the birds flying free, do they see me? My eyes are fixed by a bald eagle swooping down to catch its lunch, A shooting star I see, […]

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