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MCTC alum named Best Music Photographer of the Twin Cities

March 6, 2014 // 0 Comments

By Sarah Stanley-Ayre Adam Degross has been documenting various subcultures in the Twin Cities for close to a decade. In January 2013 he self-published a photo collection titled “Pay Attention,” and his work is housed at the Andersen Historical Archives at the University of Minnesota. He recently co-founded Siege Booking, a tour booking company, and is also an in-house booking agent at the Triple Rock. He continues to book local DIY shows and can be found on any given night taking photos of live music. City Pages recently held a poll for the best music photographer in the Twin Cities and DeGross was one of 20 choices for pollers. He received 35% of the votes and was awarded Music Photographer of the Year. Tell us […]

Music Profile: Drew Ailes, Vocalist for Brain Tumors

February 13, 2014 // 2 Comments

By Sarah Stanley-Ayre Name/Major: Drew Ailes, Liberal Arts. You are the vocalist of local punk band Brain Tumors. Please describe Brain Tumors- your sound and aesthetic. Brain Tumors is a noisy, hardcore punk band. I think a lot of people get the wrong impression when they hear the term “hardcore” or the term “punk”- we don’t have mohawks or wear intentionally torn up clothes. And we aren’t some sort of macho dudes with brass knuckle tattoos on our necks. Our music pays tribute to a lot of Japanese hardcore like Gauze/Lipcream while blending in a lot of Midwestern stuff from the early 80s like Negative Approach and Void.   Our aesthetic is a little more complicated. I believe people should have an emotional reaction to […]

Music Profile: Oskar Brummel

December 10, 2013 // 0 Comments

By Sarah Stanley-Ayre Oskar Brummel is an innovative contemporary noise musician, engineer, and producer. CCN caught up with Brummel, who is traveling through Europe, to see what he’s been up to.   Tell us about what you’ve been working on musically. Well, I finished my Sound Arts degree at MCTC this spring, and recording the Prostate album was my final project. I finished mixing it over the summer, and we finalized it and released it in time for Terma Fest… we played a lot of shows this summer and fall in conjunction with working on/releasing the album. I took some rest time from music then, but I’m personally always centered around my harsh noise project Wince. I haven’t produced anything new with Wince for a […]

Artist Profile: UMAMI

November 12, 2013 // 0 Comments

Name/ Major: Timothy Bass, Liberal Arts (MCTC student, member of UMAMI) Instruments you play: Angelo Pennacchio- vocals; TImothy Bass- bass guitar; Peter Blomgren- guitar; Charlie Smith- synth, keys, beats/sequencing; Andrew Finseth- percussion Where does the name UMAMI come from: Angelo: It’s the 5th element on the periodic table. How UMAMI got started: Tim: Angelo played in a local band called Guy Storm, Charlie and Peter played together in a local band called Military Special, and when the two bands happened to disband around the same time, the three of them got together to try some stuff out. Angelo: I worked with some guy who played bass, and Peter lived with this dude Andrew who played percussion. Tim: The four of us played together and started […]

Music Spotlight: Christian James

October 30, 2013 // 0 Comments

Name/ Major: Christian James, Architecture When did you start playing music? Started buying records in the mid-90’s but I didn’t start playing out until around 1998. What inspires you? Anything that’s got soul. What kinds of music do you most enjoy? Techno and House music for sure, but I listen to a lot of old New York-style hip hop and jazz Favorite performance moment: There are far too many to pick just one. Big ones that stand out in my mind are a party in 1999 in Iowa at Waterloo Civic Center where I played to about 1200 people. Another would have to be at a Furthur Festival in Wisconsin playing in the morning when the sun was coming up and it was raining. Song […]

Music Spotlight: Jackson Atkins from The Goondas

October 12, 2013 // 0 Comments

Name, Band Name: Jackson Atkins. I play in a band called The Goondas. Major: Liberal Arts. Instrument(s) you play: Guitar How long you’ve played with your band, and how you got started: We formed about five years ago just to make some money and play our favorite old rock and roll songs. Then we started writing our own music and found a very nice audience in Minneapolis. Most memorable experience with your band: We’ve had more fun shows than I can count, but it’s always the horrible stuff that is funniest to remember. Our lead singer is known for his antics, and when we finally played First Ave’ he made the stage manager really angry. We basically got kicked out after our set. What inspires […]

Music Spotlight on DJ Name

September 14, 2013 // 0 Comments

Name(s): My name is Daniel Whalen. My stage name is DJ Name. Major(s): Liberal Arts When did you start performing? I started performing in 2004. I started making beats in 2000. Describe what you do. I am a DJ and producer. I mostly work with a rapper named Sean Anonymous. At our shows I play the music and do backup vocals. Sean raps. We perform in Minneapolis and around the country. What inspires you? I am most inspired by my friends and fellow artists, a lot of whom fall into both categories. Who in the music industry do you admire? I admire the behind the scenes people such as stage managers, recording engineers, and sound technicians. Without them, I can’t do my job. Why do […]