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The Goldmine: Cavs vs Bulls Game Recap

November 3, 2014 City College News 1

LeBron James led the new regime into Chicago last Halloween night. A crazy sold-out crowd provided a game seven atmosphere. Both defenses collapsed under pressure triggering overtime. The relevance of the initial NBA games continues to dwindle.

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The Goldmine: Hey Flip, let him pass

October 6, 2014 City College News 0

Ricky Rubio became internationally known for his passing skills. The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted the former Barcelona star because of this ability. Rubio’s inability to expand his repertoire has attracted recent criticism. Traditional one-dimensional point guards can still be effective.

Consumers’ Consumption Presumptions: A Hamburger Helper

September 29, 2014 City College News 0

There is no difference between walking, strolling or sauntering, nor is there difference between sleeping or snoozing. There is, however, an area we all frequent where seemingly synonymous words stop being interchangeable and take on heavily codified meanings: The grocery store, and any other place that serves or provides food.