We’re Still Bad at Talking About Sex

November 17, 2016 // 0 Comments

Everyone has something to say about millennials. Now that the world has begrudgingly agreed to get on with the 21st century, the up-and-comers of our time are subject to the most attention and criticism. Alarmist thinking has made itself loud with countless scathing articles about how millennials fail to interact with people in the outside world, how we pay less respect to our elders, have a diminished sense of civic pride and seem to lack some of the most fundamental values of 20th century America. But I find myself most aggravated by the way they organize the conversation of sex. As usual, the older and better-established members of our society are voicing unchallenged conjecture about the sexual habits of a younger generation, and I get […]

Everything is going to be ok, probably

November 17, 2016 // 1 Comment

In Dec 2015 Jeb Bush, then a candidate in the Republican primary, said “…I can guarantee you that Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee.” On Nov 8 2016 Trump became the President-Elect of the United States and social media had a meltdown. This is a reality. Perhaps a hard reality for some but a reality nonetheless. There is no lawsuit, protest or Facebook post that can change this. No amount of name calling or threats to move to Canada can undo what the American voting public has done. The concern should be squarely placed on what exactly Trump is going to do, and that my friends, is something we just don’t know. Trump, being the first President since Eisenhower to be elected […]

Presidential election is a dumpster fire

October 25, 2016 // 1 Comment

The most accurate term I have heard to describe this election season is “dumpster fire”. No one really wants to deal with this disaster so we, the voting public, have been left with the warm glow and putrid smell that comes with garbage being burned. With the type of candidates we have to choose from, it’s no wonder the general public’s emotions range from completely apathetic to righteously upset. The negatives keep piling up for each mainstream candidate and as each scandal develops it eventually fades away as the next scandal is born. Donald Trump, more than any other candidate this election season or in recent election cycles, has been effective in garnering support for his positions. Trump neutered mainstream Republicans with playground rules coupled […]

Pokemon Go or Pokemon No?

September 20, 2016 // 0 Comments

We have all heard about Pokemon Go, the exciting new app game where you use your GPS to catch Pokemon. It’s easy and entertaining, what could go wrong? Well, the latest game is causing some serious issues which could potentially affect the students at MCTC. Let’s start off where it all began, Pokemon. If you grew up knowing about it (all ’90s kids), then the idea of an app where you can actually interact and catch Pokemon is mind blowing. According to Recode, there are 9.5 million daily users. Is this just a simple way to have fun? Think again- it’s a way to take your money with in-app purchases and waste your time. “I just spent $9.99 on 1200 pokecoins and I hate myself” […]

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