Bitcoin: Miracle currency or mirage?

April 18, 2014 // 4 Comments

By Mike Caliri I delight in the idea of a new currency to topple the despicable worthless fiat dollar that currently suppresses the consuming public, but that is not a reality nor will it be anytime soon.  While we are hypnotized and lulled to sleep by intentionally boring familial heirs i.e. George W. Bush as such, we many times overlook it as if it never mattered. Bitcoin is the first crypto currency. This means that it uses a cryptography to control its management for the purpose of not having to rely on central banking authorities. Using many ideas from cypher-punkers, Satoshi Nakamoto which is a pseudonym, may be one of three potential creators that have been working to make bit currency a reality since November […]

Being White in Brown Skin

March 6, 2014 // 1 Comment

In spite of what box I might check on government forms, I do not identify as white. However, people who share my particular pigmentation, those of Middle-Eastern descent, are arbitrarily sorted as caucasian.   The real meaning of “whiteness” becomes distorted when one compares the cultural implications to the physical attributes — and then to the US Census Bureau’s criteria. I am culturally white and colored brown.   According to the 2012 US Census, 83% of Minnesotans identify as white. Furthermore, 71% of the people living in Hennepin County, the Minnesota county I call home, are white. I do not mean to imply anything except that in this particular Midwestern state, whiteness is not a rare characteristic.   Nor is it rare to identify as […]

19 Going on 20

March 6, 2014 // 7 Comments

By Trevor Squire The age of 20 is the ultimate paradox. It’s the single year of adulthood, with your teenage memories behind you, where you’re not allowed to partake in the bar scene — a meeting ground of people who’ve gone through the similar transition into adult life. Two years removed from the structured curriculum and activities related to high school, many young adults begin to form an idea of what they’d like to do with the rest of their years. What’s puzzling is which route to take. The uncharted waters of post-grad life are a sea of self-doubt. The current job market is an ultra competitive rat race, where — even if you get a job — you may end up extremely unhappy with […]


February 18, 2014 // 0 Comments

As I walk through this campus I see the most innovative minds at work. They’re putting tons of hours towards their education and are passionate about their career paths. They’re discussing almost everything under the sun while still facing the challenges of being a college student. Yet one topic hardly ever comes up, and for some, it’s very difficult to talk about.   That issue is money management — and when I ask students why they’re silent, the number one response was, “I just never learned about it growing up.”   That got me thinking, if money plays such a central part in our everyday lives, why haven’t we been focusing on these matters earlier in our education? The lack of financial literacy doesn’t just […]

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