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Hope for the hopeless

May 4, 2010 City College News 0

It would seem: based on a serious look at the status of our generation — aptly named Generation X, or the Lost Generation, or Generation Me, depending on your sources — that we are complete lost causes. In a careful analysis of where we stand, and where we’ve come from, many would take it upon themselves to forfeit, many would throw in the towel and continue on watching television, and unfortunately, this seems to be the general response in all corners of America.

President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev walk together at President Medvedev's dacha outside Moscow, Russia, July 6, 2009.

START: A “Fuller” perspective of the continuing Cold War

May 4, 2010 City College News 0

Earlier last month in Europe the United States and Russia agreed upon the new and updated Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). Along with other objectives the new treaty calls for the reduction of operationally deployed nuclear devices by 30 percent on both sides as well as new limits on launchers and updates to verification systems to certify that these limits are being met.