CNN isn’t fake news

February 23, 2017 Camayak 0

“First the media is accused of inciting, then sympathizing, then associating–until they suddenly find themselves accused of being full-fledged terrorists and subversives.” These are the […]

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Staff Editorial: Conversation of race must acknowledge harm, move beyond ‘white fragility’

May 12, 2015 City College News 0

The recent death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore from injuries sustained while in police custody can not be ignored. According to Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore City State’s Attorney, police “failed to establish probable cause for Mr. Gray’s arrest, as no crime had been committed [by Gray].” She went on to describe even the arrest itself as illegal.

While police did check on Gray, who was not buckled into a seat in a police wagon, they did not respond to his requests for medical help. He was eventually discovered to be in cardiac arrest and died a week later of spinal injuries.

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White Press

February 19, 2014 City College News 0

A handful of City College News members attended a journalism convention this weekend where newspaper staff from midwest universities were invited to learn from professionals […]