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Something special happens when you spend hours and hours every week, long into the night, making something that needs to be made. Under the onslaught of tight deadlines, distracting responsibilities, stress, triumph, and difficult stories, you get to know people in a way you won’t ever get to know anyone else. You experience the people you’re working with as a pure expression of their tenacity, vision and ethics. I have been the Editor in Chief of City College News for over a year. As far as our advisor knows, the longest any EIC has ever served. The City College News of Feb. 2013 is almost unrecognizable from the City College News of Jan. 2012, when I started in this position. Only the flag, it seems, […]

Dear CCN: Love Advice

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What is too much time spent together for a couple?  K: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Busy schedules and separate commitments can be in a relationship’s favor at times. This certainly isn’t to say to deny yourself seeing them at any cost, but it’s good not to neglect friends or the other areas of your life. Some couples tend to bump heads when around each other too often, and constant time together can turn the relationship into routine. But, if you enjoy the regular company of your partner, make sure they don’t get taken for granted and keep moments special, while allowing space to breathe.    F: If your girlfriend holds your hand every time you go potty, I would say that’s way too much. However, […]

Marriage Equality

February 13, 2013 // 0 Comments

For individuals opposed to gay marriage in Minnesota, the next twelve months may turn out to be painful. As if the last few months haven’t been difficult enough. In November 2012, a majority of Minnesotans rejected a proposed amendment to the state constitution which would explicitly define marriage in the state as being between one man and one woman. We also rejected scads of politicians who endorsed the aforementioned amendment and elected a lot of politicians who opposed it, including the reelection of DFL Governor Mark Dayton. I was thrilled to be a part of the convincing majority of voters who believe in marriage equality, acted on that belief by voting, and paved a path for a legislative solution to the unjust ban on same-sex […]

The Crumbling Fourth Estate

November 9, 2012 // 4 Comments

There’s almost something a little bit treasonous about some of the thoughts we were having as we wandered the luxurious halls of the Sheraton at the National Journalism Convention, hosted by the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP). As wonderful as it has been, as fantastic as the weekend’s events are, and as much as we have learned, something is amiss. Journalism is not what it used to be. Endless sessions about Twitter, but very few about ethics. A shrieking chorus about the necessity of improving our “Klout,” but precious little about voicing the experiences of the perennially silenced. Young would-be journalists swerved through the corridors, yet almost none of them looked at the path in front of them as they walked. They bumbled around with a […]

Love conquers all: Inhumane discrimination embarasses us as human beings

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On Nov. 6, Minnesota will vote on whether to constitutionally define marriage as a union of one man and one woman, thus permanently barring the marriage of same-sex partners throughout the state. We believe this amendment to be a profound affront to personal freedom, the core of American values, based on homophobia and intolerance. We urge you to join us in voting “no.” We’ve all heard the cries that marriage is under attack, and that this represents a defense of the family. But what, exactly, are we “defending” with this measure? We are pretty sure we know the arguments of the amendment’s proponents in spite of their deafening silence on the House and Senate floors as hours of debate passed by before voting. They made […]

Yes on Voter ID a blank check to legislature

October 10, 2012 // 1 Comment

On Nov. 6, Minnesota citizens will vote on an amendment to require a photo ID in order to vote, supposedly to prevent fraud. At first blush, this seems like a no-brainer. Who doesn’t like less fraud? But upon closer examination, the nebulous wording of the amendment and its possible implications are staggering. The proposal on the ballot will read, simply, “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require that all voters present an approved form of photographic identification prior to voting; all voters be subject to identical eligibility verification standards regardless of the time of their registration; and the state provide at no charge an approved photographic identification to eligible voters?” according to the Minnesota House of Representatives website. Again, at first blush, this seems […]

Masturbatory politics in student advocacy warrants no confidence

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Although we can’t read the yet-absent minutes from Student Senate’s Oct. 3 platform speeches, we have come to know the bitter taste of disappointment as the nominations process for this Wednesday’s elections bore no fruit. Not a single position on the executive board of the Senate is contested. Looking back on previous elections, we understand the difficulty in finding feasible candidates. The previous two potential presidential elections resulted in a two-thirds vote in the Senate—not in a campus-wide election, as it should be. Instead, as it has happened time and time again, we have been submitted a referendum on the people who are just there, waiting in the wings to take a seat on the board. We can do better. We can have a creative […]

The illusion of student choice

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At the end of last spring semester, some combination of student outcry and leaked information to City College News resulted in the administration calling do-over on its selection process for a food service provider, now that the end of Sodexo’s contract draws near. The complaints lobbied against the administration were mostly that there was practically no student input. Although they had a couple of symbolic student guests at the table, the weight of their input was virtually zero, and the administration failed to take into account any of their suggestions of proposed ways of handling food service at MCTC. The college extended Sodexo’s contract, due to expire this past summer, apparently to buy them time to correct this error and start over with students more […]

The reality vacuum of educational group work

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Complaints about group work in educational settings is one of those common experiences that seems to be ubiquitously shared by virtually any student who is even moderately motivated in their education. In any given group of randomly assembled students, it is pretty much a given that there will be one or two people who carry the weight of the entire group. In some particularly unfortunate scenarios, it may even be the case that one or two people fail to show up to the party at all, constantly missing deadlines or reneging on promised contributions. Yet, more often than not, the grade the student receives is collective. Even if there is an individual grade, it doesn’t make up for points that may be lost on the […]

No time for hello

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Welcome back, students and faculty, new and returning. This is a wonderful time to be at MCTC. One of the things that makes MCTC a valuable and rewarding place to get an education is that it represents a microcosm of larger society. Students of MCTC are young and old, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native, homegrown, and foreign born. MCTC is a little Minneapolis. Like Minneapolis, and like the country at large, MCTC has had innumerable struggles in the past year which have affected all of us, though sometimes in ways we don’t even realize. Like all public colleges, MCTC continues to struggle to keep its head above water under the onslaught of an ever-shrinking budget and falling full-time admission rates. Reluctantly, tuition was hiked yet […]

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