Campus card delivers debit capabilities

After three years of work, improvements are coming to the MCTC Campus Card, or student ID card.

In an interview, Director of Auxiliary Services Gary Westerland said that he and his associates are proud to announce the new capabilities of the student ID card.

In addition to identifying students and staff, the MCTC Campus Card now serves as a debit and parking card for both the MCTC campus and Metro State campuses.

The Maverick Fund provides meal plan options for students — similar to a debit card, but more convenient.

Westerland said he focused on ease of use for students and staff. Students can use “Maverick $,” as Westerland calls them, stored on the card for purchases in the MCTC bookstore, the cafeteria and Josephine’s Café.

Despite the potential usefulness of the new features, City College News found several students unaware of the changes.

Kathy finds in her experience working at Josephine’s Café that, “Quite a few people use Maverick $, but there are also a lot of times when I have to explain to people the difference between Maverick $ and the money in the parking account of the campus card.”

In the near future Westerland hopes to offer a 12 percent discount on food purchased with the card. He also plans a prospective bank partnership with MCTC, enabling campus cardholders to use their student IDs as debit cards with participating local businesses.

Cardholders can add money to their parking account at, in the MCTC Bookstore, in the eStore (T.2020) or in any Metropolitan State Cashiers Office. Using the card for the MCTC parking ramp will cost $2.50 for the day instead of $5.00 cash. Metro State parking facilities in the Twin Cities also accept the card.

On the website students can add money to their Maverick or parking funds via credit or debit card. Third-party guests can also add money to a student’s account. A guest deposit requires the student’s first and last name along with the student ID number.

The Maverick and parking funds may function as tools to students, helping with budgeting, saving money and promoting financial stability. Students and staff can get a campus card with card services in T.1000.