CCN is back and ready to hear your voice

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

You may know City College News as the home of inter-staff turmoil and self-inflicted work stoppages. Or you may not know us at all. But those days are in our rearview- yesterday’s news, as we say in the newspaper business.

The creative process has been reevaluated. Policy and procedure are in place along with a tight schedule to take us through Fall semester. Interest has piqued before the sound of the starting gun. We’ve been building all summer long. What follows should give you a taste of what we’ve been cooking:

–After halted publication in the wake of internal disruptions, this year will lead off with a complete schedule of assignment and proof submissions leading up to release of a publication on the last Monday of every month.

–Our new constitution/policy manual (see page two for details). With well-defined roles and strong policies in place to keep the machinery moving, we have insured that CCN will be truly self-sustaining for years to come.

–Beginning with our September issue, we will unveil a sparkling new design. Working in tandem with a graphic designer, CCN will deliver colorful graphics and more vibrant photographs. In short, a more dynamic outlet for student news.

–Exciting new features and sections. J.D. Hera, Arts & Entertainment editor, is pretty much planning on turning his section over to student artists. (See page 8.) And we’re opening the doors wide on our op/ed section. If you’ve got a column idea (or just something to say) submit it. This will be your chance to debate and air you viewpoints with our diverse student body.

–Expanded recruitment and writing opportunities. If you like to take photographs, write, or create any art at all, we’ve got room for you at CCN. (See page 2 for submission details.)
Take a good look. Our work strives to answer the simple question, “What is history when it’s being made?” CCN might record it, but we work with and through the student body to make it happen. The agenda is open-ended. This is an opportunity to bring attention to the unheard and unseen on and around our campus. As a student life group, by default, ownership of the paper is in part yours. Your tuition fees help to sustain and grow City College News. If you feel compelled, help us to better serve our community by involving yourself in this process even by simply reading on.

-The editors-in-chief