To the Editor

I read through [the] article in City College News from the last issue (“Conley to serve as president until position can be filled full time,” Sept. 7, 2010) and noticed a few errors in the story.

You were accurate in detailing Brad’s new position within the senate. However, your description of how Tau’s position and the process our executive board has transitioned isn’t quite accurate.

Here is an outline of the events that took place leading up to Brad’s appointment to Interim President:

July 1:
President-elect Sarbacker is ineligible. Our executive team had a meeting and did not appoint anyone to the position of Interim President. As the Vice President of the Senate Tau Kotoni was responsible for ‘Conducting the Affairs of the Senate’ per our By-Laws. Basically, he was looked to for carrying out the duties of the President while that position was vacant.

August 27:
Our executive board appointed Brad as the Senate’s Interim President. At this time he assumed all of the presidential responsibilities and took full presidential authority. Its important point out the Tau, was not removed from his position, there was never a vote of no-confidence taken.

The senate executive board does not hold the authority to remove an executive officer from their position.

Tau simply has remained the Vice President, but will no longer need to ‘conduct the affairs of the Senate.’ Since this date, the position of Senate President has been filled and is not currently vacant. However, the Senate has opened nominations for electing a President. As the Senate By-Laws require an election to be held within 45 days of an interim being appointed.

September 29:
Nomination period closed

October 12:
Campus-wide presidential elections take place

Ryan Schwingler is the adviser to the MCTC student senate.