Adversaries’ chaotic charge to dispel confusion

To the Editor:

I am writing today to sincerely apologize for overstepping the authority given the MCTC Student Senate by the Executive Board on Sept. 22, 2010, to form an investigatory committee on the removal of Taulant Kotoni as Vice President by acting the following day to rescind, via Robert’s Rules, the election of Mr. Kotoni within the Executive Board.

Although I did not directly partake in the voting process I was Chair of the meeting, and although the Board acted with only the best interest of the Senate in mind, the decision to act has caused confusion and bad sentiment, both of which I openly admit were in direct result of my decision to proceed given the pressing issue and process placed before us.

It is extremely important to admit and apologize when mistakes are made in any facet of life, even if said mistakes were without malice or disregard; they are yet mistakes.

Bradley T. Conley is Interim President of the Student Senate of MCTC. He may be reached at [email protected]

To the Editor:

Please do not allow student senate meetings to become more ridiculous and shameful than they have already become. Do not allow three or four people to use the student senate as a tool, as a marionette, to achieve their personal goals. Please keep up the good image MCTC has created through years in U.S., even overseas.

Next time you are given a ballot, please use it for a good purpose. Decisions we make are recorded on camera, and we will all be judged by time and by the future generations of students at MCTC.

I do not plan to get revenge or fight back for my VP Title. Students of MCTC deserve more than that. This is the time to work together; before pulling out the sword, we should pull out the pencil and make calculations.

This is the time where need to work as a TEAM, as a real team. This is the time where we should make decisions and bring concrete victories to the table!

Tau Kotoni is a current MCTC student, majoring in electrical engineering, and the former vice president of the student senate.