In defense of Brad Conley

To the Editor:
On the cover of City College News, I was surprised and infuriated to see Brad Conley as the target of the student senate debate.

As Vice President of the Addiction Counseling Club, I spent an entire year assisting Brad in his duties as the President of the Club.

He built up a small club of several people to a one-of-a-kind, sought after affiliation like none other in the state of Minnesota.

We received calls from other colleges in the Minnesota asking how they could create a club like MCTC’s.

In addition, Brad also served as the Director of Technology.

I can speak to Bradley’s integrity, dedication and ethics. To put it bluntly, Student Senate has been a disaster, tainted with leaders who have misrepresented themselves.

A Vice President who not only boldly embellished but lied about his position via Facebook clearly deserves to be “ousted.”

I am shocked that City College News would attack a leader who steps into chaos and attempts to fix pressing issues at MCTC.

Knowing Brad, he will continue to persevere and endure the petty politics to ensure we have a better institution for the entire student body.

Brooke Johnson
Former Addiction Counseling Club Vice President