Campus smoking has positive qualities too

I wrote this to try to help represent the smokers of MCTC, to the campus body.

I am displaced by this ban on smoking. Since when was smoking contrary to education?

It is sad when we see a person smoking outside and consider it dangerous. People should be able to smoke outside what they buy in a store and should not be inconvenienced when doing so.

First, smoking does not have to be a thing to be considered contrary or offensive to education.

We all know smoking promotes relaxation.

Well, It’s also a stimulant, and it can help you to think.

I have heard it said that a deep conversation is difficult to have without something such as tobacco to jump-start it.

The brilliance in some of the conversations I’ve had in the smoker’s pit is astounding.

The smoke stimulates them into deep thought, and I’ve often heard them reflect upon their learning in the context of their lives.

Other smokers will agree with this.

Smoking is carcinogenic, yes, but it’s also a good study aid.

And evidence has suggested that it increases happiness.

Next, it is sad when we see a person smoking outside and consider it dangerous, because this is an offensive way to characterize a situation with another citizen.

Is secondhand smoke so bad compared to the thousands of cars and their exhausts?

Does car exhaust increase happiness?

To proceed, people should be able to smoke outside because smoking is a legal activity.

It seems absurd to me. It should be a natural right to smoke what you have bought in a store.

Banning smoking completely would remove a right to smoke from smokers at MCTC — it is the same right as eating the donut you bought.

As well as a last bastion of freedom from overbearing laws that tell us when and where we can, and cannot, eat our donuts, the two smoking pits at MCTC are still an inconvenience.

Why should we have to walk across the campus just to smoke? It seems as though there should be more smoking pits, not less.

I am unsettled by the ban and intended to represent the smokers of MCTC by reproducing some of my thoughts.

Smoking is not contrary to education; it is helpful from my perspective, not too horribly dangerous, and plenty legal.