Class scheduling gone wild…

I don’t know for a fact, but word on the street speaks of a computer churning out the recent scheduling of class times – instead of a level headed human being.

Many students have commented on the bizarre scheduling of classes for the upcoming semesters, as well as this current semester.

The positioning in the day of many classes prevents students from being able to schedule other classes, as they overlap by 20-30 minutes, and, in many cases, classes are over lapping by 5-10 minutes.

This more-or-less forces students into disrupting classes by either packing up and leaving early, or setting up and arriving late.

Several students have been complaining about being unable to create functional schedules, and are being forced to devise schedules that begin early in the day, end late at night, and leave many long, un-fillable gaps in between.

Most students on campus hold down part time, or full time jobs as they attend school. The timing of classes should operate a little more strategically.

If all same-credit sized classes are going to begin and end at the same time, some sort of choreography should exits between them that allows a little more flexibility.

If it’s true, that a computer is making these decisions, someone should punch a new algorithm into that puppy.

Whether or not a computer or human being is behind it, many students are talking about it, and a loss of rhythm on campus has definitely been noticed.