Seasonal Flu Vaccine Shortage

This fall, and in the year 2009 altogether, students at MCTC, and people across the globe have been significantly impacted by influenza, whether directly, or amongst their friends and family members.

The disease known as H1N1 influenza A, or “swine flu”, has been in the news for some months now. This has raised all of our concern, and awareness to influenza as a whole. However, the concern in recent weeks has been surrounding the vaccination of seasonal flu, a more common strain, which typically is vaccinated nationwide at this time of year.

Given the magnitude of concern surrounding Swine Flu, H1N1 shots are in higher demand. Up until very recently, many clinics across the nation including those in the Minneapolis area have been allowing walk in vaccine shots for both diseases, H1N1, and Seasonal Flu. The manufacturers worldwide that produce the vaccinations have in recent months made the shots for Swine Flu, their primary concern. This left their production of Seasonal Flu shots, the more common vaccination, at a low level as of late.

It is quite typical this time of year to head into your doctor’s office and ask for a simple flu shot. This year it will not be quite so simple, at least for some time. There had been a decision made to start the vaccinations earlier, for both diseases. This has caused a decrease in quantity for Seasonal Flu Shots, so there will be a waiting line to get them this season.

Typically clinics open up lines for Seasonal Flu Shots, around mid-October. But this year, given the higher concern as a result of H1N1, roughly half of the supply typically given was already dispersed in September.

This is not to say, however, that all hope is lost if you are in need of a flu shot. Most clinics are still continuing to give them; you simply must call, and wait for an appointment. Given the knowledge H1N1 has given our students, and the nation at large, this should prove quite sufficient in dealing with the disease. Also, manufacturers have already begun the necessary actions to compensate for this delay; things are simply at a temporary standstill.

Things have been tough for all of us in America these past months concerning our health. We have many things to ponder, in regards to paying for these treatments, and the seriousness of our ailments, whatever they may be. H1N1, and all forms of influenza have been a testing concern for every part of our society. It is simply when things get tough, when those lines form and tempers run high, that we must remember our initial concern, our health, and the health of our loved ones. This setback is not an end-all-be-all concern for Americans; it is simply a trying thing for our collective patience. The cures and treatments are our there, we simply have to work a small amount harder to find them.

This entire occurrence is being taken care of by American Medical Officials, State Officials, and the vaccine manufacturers themselves.