Student Senate has a tough job

At any given moment, the student population of MCTC ranges from 8,000 to 15,000. The role of Student Senate at MCTC is to try to listen to the student body and address any concerns. Most MCTC students are busy; many work a job or two while trying to take classes. The average age on campus is 28; most students have more on their plate than just college.     It is hard for the senate to function with such a busy student body. It is no wonder most students on campus, if asked, would know so little about Student Senate; they are busy.    On top of that, Student Senate is limited in what they may do to gather information and opinions from students. While the Information Technology department has allowed the sending of polls in the past, the worry is that flooding student in-boxes will cause students to go through it like spam mail, and it would give students a negative view of the mailing system.    I don’t really want an inbox full of polls either, but where does that leave Student Senate? Most students are too busy to be involved. With 8,000 or more students around campus how can they even hope to represent them?    New technology is planned to attempt to address the issue of getting feedback from the student body. You may see a box when Senate or other organizations are tabling. The plan is to be able to swipe your ID by and hit a quick yes or no to vote on an issue. This way they can collect the information from interested students in a quick manner, and we can all get back to our busy schedules. At the same time, our inboxes avoid becoming inundated with polls.    In the last few months, MCTC’s senate has done their best to represent students, and many of the fruits of their labor will be seen soon. Higher One, a company that will make the distribution of financial aid easier will offer its services in Jan. If one wants to use this optional program, they will receive a card loaded with their financial aid. This will not only allow for faster distribution of financial aid, but it will lower costs for MCTC itself in the end.    The talk of banning bottled water sales has been gaining momentum. While we may or may not see such a ban happen, it is an issue that has perked the interest of many MCTC students who hear about it. Some have spoken out against it. Others still have supported the idea. The consensus seems to be in both the student body and senate is that the ban would be a positive thing if a free water source were made available. Senate is still talking about the ban because students are still interested in it.    Senate has a difficult job.     At MCTC, the Student Senate’s opinion is given a lot of weight by the college’s administration, so it is important that they have their view worked out before they move forward with anything.    For example, the position against bottled water sales was carefully arrived on after being discussed and listening to the student body.    Not all of us have time to be involved, but if you want your voice heard, you can contact senate easily by email. All Senate emails can be found on their web page at