2009-10 to be the Mavericks last season

MCTC’s basketball teams are playing their 45th and final season.

After many conversations about budgets and how to best serve the students at MCTC, College President Phil Davis made the decision to cut the basketball program which cost about $118,000 per season to pay faculty and for other expenses such as travel. The initial plan was to fund the basketball team for a final season and to allow the team the opportunity to do its own fundraising.

In an agreement between Student Senate President T.J. Malaskee, President Davis and President of the Minnesota State College Faculty Thomas Eland, 2009-10 will be the final season for basketball at MCTC. The presidents released a letter to explain the agreement to the school. The letter explained that the presidents had reviewed the teams’ fundraising efforts, and that in their judgment the “fundraising program is not likely to raise sufficient funds to support the basketball program into future seasons.”

As part of the agreement, if either the men’s or women’s team advances to state, regional or national tournaments those expenses will be covered by the college.