What’s your backpack worth?

The average student carries more than $500.00 worth of goods tucked away in a backpack, according to a survey conducted by City College News. Losing a backpack with textbooks, a cellphone, laptop computer and wallet with cash, ID’s, bus card and credit cards can add up to a large financial loss to a student.

The total numbers of reported  thefts at MCTC in 2011 was 133, an increase of 19 thefts over 2010. Cell phones were reported stolen the most often, followed by wallets and purses. The distribution of the all reported thefts spanned the campus.

Campus Security Officer Nino Saraylic advises extra caution around areas where there are no security cameras, such as gym locker rooms and restrooms.

“People should make sure the things they’re leaving in the lockers are secured. You might work out for an hour and come back and your wallet and laptop are gone. Make sure you have a good padlock. The price of a high security padlock is offset by the loss of a computer or other valuables.”

Brands like Master Lock and  Yale make pin tumbler locks with spring – loaded pins, making them difficult to pick and shrouded shackles prevent easy cutting of the lock.

Saraylic also advises being careful with your laptop in the library. “ I see people leave their laptops unattended in the library all the time. People say, ‘I just left for a few minutes’, but I remind them it only takes thirty seconds to take the laptop.”

Students can access safety tips from the MCTC Public Safety page, by selecting Current Students from the homepage and then clicking Campus Safety at the bottom of the page. Thefts, other crimes and medical emergencies can be reported by dialing ext. 6900 from any campus phone or visiting  the Campus Safety office located in R3100, on the North end of the Hennepin skyway.