Informing students of stigmas


Students rise in applause for Michael Lee and his performance at MCTC’s Operation Recovery: Erasing Stigma event. Photograph by L.C. Hood.

By LC Hood

The Addiction Counseling Club (A.C.C.) held their 2nd annual Operation Recovery out on the T.building. To celebrate the month of Sept., Recovery Month, the club theme to this year event was “Erasing Stigma.”

“We want to educate students about erasing stigmas,” said Amy Jones, the Minnesota Association for Chemical Health Representative of the A.C.C.
The event was held to bring awareness to stigmas of people dealing with recovery.

“We wanna show people just because you have this stigma you’re just not that,” said Jones.

The club members and supporters of the event all wore black t-shirts with a different stigmas from recovery addict to cancer patient.

“I had a woman walk up to me and told me ‘Oh I didn’t know you was a Jew,’” said Jessica Levy Addiction Counseling Club Event Coordinator. “I asked her, ‘What does a Jew look like?’ she just walked away.”

Slam Poet Michael Lee performs a poem at the Operation Recovery: Erasing Stigma on the technical building plaza. Photograph by L.C. Hood.

Over 40 local organization ranging from different ethnicities to genders were giving students information and resources that they could use.

“The event was great.” said Jones. “I had a mother come up to us before the event even started asking for information to get help for her daughter. That, to me, was the best part of my day.”

“For a lot of us in the club it was a great place for people to network with those who goes into addiction counseling,” said Levy.

The event was planned throughout the spring and summer. The club goal was to help inform people on the daily use of stigmas that not only recovering addicts face, but people of all kinds.

Operation Recovery had MCTC students flooding the technical building plaza Thursday afternoon. Photograph by L.C. Hood.

“We wanted to help people celebrate their individuality,” said Levy.

During the event, snow cones and cotton candy were passed out to students outside of the Helland Center Right next to the free treats, passing students and staff got the chance to dunk Professor Dr. Jonathan Lofgran, Bayla McDougal, and Physical Education teacher Diane Scovill.

Michael Lee, a nationally acclaimed slam poet, performed a couple poems based on his own experiences recovering from alcohol addiction.

The A.C.C. held a raffle for a variety of prizes. The money from the raffle and dunk tank were used to buy resources for the Students Against Hunger & Homelessness (S.A.H.H.).

Anyone looking for more information about the Addiction Counseling Club can look up their info on Facebook, search Addiction Counseling Program at MCTC.