Dear CCN: Love Advice

There are so many men and so many women in the world; they’re everywhere. It seems like everyone could have a different date every night if they wanted, just to explore all the options. So why is it so hard to meet someone?!

K: There are many fish in the sea, but do you know how many different species of fish there are? According to, there was once noted 230,000 species. You could essentially go fishing every day for a different fish, but that would be a lot of work wouldn’t it? You would probably find that each fish, even within it’s species, is very unique and different in it’s own way, such as in color, size, lifestyle and personality. The world has many bodies of water where you can explore for fish, but the point is the perfect fish will not be easy to find. Maybe you have to let that fish swim to you.

F: Because you whine too much. And people suck. That “why don’t people like me” attitude ain’t gonna get you any dates; unless you’re already attractive, then that’s a good line. Of all the people in the world, there’s only a small fraction you’ll actually run into; of those, think of how many are already involved with someone else or just plain uninterested. Now think of the ones that are available but don’t like you. I’m not trying to cheer you up, in case you didn’t notice.