MCTC student seeks tooth-brushes for at-risk children

Many of us in the United States don’t give the toothbrush in our bathroom a second thought. We were taught how to brush our teeth as young children and will never know any dental pain more severe than that caused by a toothache.

MCTC student Cristy Molter founded Toothbrushes for Toddlers to give homeless and poverty-stricken children in other countries something that we so often take for granted. Since the middle of last year, Molter’s foundation has sent over 400 toothbrushes to Mexico, Africa, and the Philippines. Currently, donations are being sought for several orphanages, including two in Haiti.

Donations and toothbrushes can be sent to:
Toothbrushes for Toddlers
C/O Cristy Molter
7318 West 22nd Street
Minneapolis MN 55426

For more information, visit the web site: