Masturbatory politics in student advocacy warrants no confidence

Although we can’t read the yet-absent minutes from Student Senate’s Oct. 3 platform speeches, we have come to know the bitter taste of disappointment as the nominations process for this Wednesday’s elections bore no fruit.

Not a single position on the executive board of the Senate is contested.

Looking back on previous elections, we understand the difficulty in finding feasible candidates. The previous two potential presidential elections resulted in a two-thirds vote in the Senate—not in a campus-wide election, as it should be.

Instead, as it has happened time and time again, we have been submitted a referendum on the people who are just there, waiting in the wings to take a seat on the board.

We can do better. We can have a creative and collaborative campaign that raises
awareness among the student body of MCTC.

This newspaper objects to the sort of masturbatory politics in student advocacy in which we massage individuals’ egos at the cost of students’ priorities.

We believe that many members of the executive board, past and present, have reached high and achieved truly noble things. However, that record of success has derived its sustenance in large part from contested elections, in which candidates compete and offer their visions, and then students choose.

Students right now have no choice. Until we have a substantial contest, we urge that the Senate vote no confidence for each position on the executive board.