Dear CCN: Love Advice

Do you believe in love at second sight?

K: Sometimes cupid’s arrow is a little slow, and love may not hit us the first moment we see someone. You may not realize how attracted you are to a person until you’ve given them that second glance. Your first time meeting, or first interaction with them may have been brief or impersonal, but perhaps it was meant to be a fated moment that would then bring you to this second opportunity where the sparks really start to fly.

F: Do you believe in life after love? I just Cher-rolled you. In fact, I’m not sure I believe in love at first sight: it’s never happened to me or anybody I know. As for your question, I don’t think you understand what “love advice” means since you don’t really need advice. Your question would be best at home in a “hypothetical love related inquiries” column.


I am a student and I think I am in love with my professor – What should I do?

K: We can’t control who we love, but ask yourself; is this really love, or some form of lust? Having feelings for a teacher is a risky emotion. Due to academic policies, this type of relationship is not allowed or strongly discouraged. So ask yourself again; do you still have these feelings once the course is over and done? Is the situation of having something more than admiration from afar realistic (In essence, is he married with kids or is his age twice yours)? Consider things carefully.

F: For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Are you serious right now? There was a Friends episode about this: it’s called “The One Where Ross Dates a Student.” That is all the comedy I find in this question, and I swear on my love for sarcasm that I tried really hard. I will assume you’re a girl (based on nothing else but my tired gender preconceptions), and that you’re also old enough to attend college, which means you understand the difference between infatuation and love. If it is truly the latter one I’m worried because if you two actually had any romantic interaction you have to report him/her as it is not cool. So not cool. I’m not interested in going into a pseudo-psycho-babble about how thoroughly wrong this is, but trust me, it’s wrong. So wrong. On so many levels.