Senate forum sheds light on objectives

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The student senate’s first meeting of 2013 got a quick start, and finish, last Wednesday afternoon, lasting about 15 minutes.Senate President Morgan O’Sullivan called the meeting to order and invited club representatives to introduce themselves and speak about their organizations. The executive board intended the meeting to have an open forum format.Constance Peruski, of Urban Farm Collective, signaled her group’s intentions to petition MCTC administrators to allow an urban farm plot on a vacant lot behind the Whitney Fine Arts building on the corner of Spruce and Yale Place.

“Right now it’s got a lot of dog crap on it, so we’re going to try to make that better,” Peruski said.

With college President Phil Davis scheduled to be at this week’s senate meeting, Peruski said she hoped that a rally of support would provide the necessary persuasion.

O’Sullivan and Vice President Wolfgang Tattenbach reiterated the mission of the recently formed Food Committee, which is supposed to provide oversight over the college’s pick for food vendor, Sodexo. The committee would be able to create deadlines for certain benchmarks, although it remained unclear what those would be.

“If Sodexo does not meet those deadlines, we are able to pull that contract. So now is the time to get involved,” Tattenbach said.

Senate Director of Technology Sam Osman implored the meeting’s attendees to join the Technology Committee, which has a hand in managing the use of money collected from the $10 per-credit student technology fee included in tuition.

Representatives from Phi Theta Kappa, Wayfinder Club (volunteer service work), Asian Student Association, UNITE (United Nations of Indian Tribes for Education), Cribbage, Backgammon and Chess Club, PRIDE (People for Respect, Integrity, Diversity & Equality) and others also were in attendance.

“We like to play games. Everyone likes to play games. Come play games,” Cribbage, Backgammon and Chess Club president Jordan Jelinek said, as every club attempted to play their own trump card.

Senate adviser Collin Beachy said several more student clubs were in the making, including Christian, martial arts, yoga, human services and Roman Catholic clubs.

Check for a full listing of club names, meeting times and contact information.