Dear CCN: Love Advice

What is too much time spent together for a couple? 

K: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Busy schedules and separate commitments can be in a relationship’s favor at times. This certainly isn’t to say to deny yourself seeing them at any cost, but it’s good not to neglect friends or the other areas of your life. Some couples tend to bump heads when around each other too often, and constant time together can turn the relationship into routine. But, if you enjoy the regular company of your partner, make sure they don’t get taken for granted and keep moments special, while allowing space to breathe.


 F: If your girlfriend holds your hand every time you go potty, I would say that’s way too much. However, there are couples who can’t be happy if they are not making each other miserable, because in their own twisted, codependent minds, love is supposed to hurt. But that’s totally not you, right? Of course that’s not you (better text your girlfriend, or she’ll think you’re cheating on her).