Dear CCN: Love Advise

Does self-love matter before you can love another person?
Katie's Head
K: You might not think so, but sometimes yes, it does matter. If a person isn’t happy and doesn’t have a sense of self worth, they may not be fully capable of giving their best for someone else. Most of the time, their personal issues can interfere with a relationship if not communicated. A person who is positive about themselves can naturally give more love and care to someone else, and will usually result in a healthier relationship partner. But, sometimes it takes that certain someone to pick us up if we feel down. Just avoid having one person always left picking up the pieces of the other.
FernandoF: Hell yeah, dude. Love yourself. Always rub one out before you go on a date. Nobody knows what you like better than you, right? Plus, you will be calm as hell and last longer too. You seriously never saw “Something About Mary”? Netflix that shit right now, bro.